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Use these resources to build reliable and maintainable digital services, APIs and technology platforms that answer user needs.

Hone your skills

Resources for improving your programming and software engineering skills, lovingly crafted by the team at Made Tech.


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Learn practical skills such as setting up your development environment, debugging and refactoring your code.

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Watch our video guides to get to grips with disciplines such as clean architecture and test-driven development.

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Develop your skills using these training exercises; Ideal for those looking to improve their test-driven development.

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Gain a deep understanding of a range of programming languages in an enjoyable practice environment.

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Fundamental software engineering skills

Language agnostic software engineering skills and assessments to develop and test yourself against.

Test-driven development

Build reliable and maintainable applications using TDD.

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Use code to describe and build your cloud infrastructure.

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Frontend development

Learn the fundamental building blocks of the web.

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Technology specific skills

Skills specific to particular technology stacks, whether frontend, backend or infrastructure.


Develop applications using a component-based architecture.

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C#/.NET Core

Craft APIs using Microsoft’s open source language and framework.

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Manage your source code using the most popular version control system.

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Other resources

  • Articles - Light reading
  • Goals - For goal directed learning
  • Ideas - Ideas for self-directed learning
  • Scenarios - Scenarios for topics complementary to software e.g. cloud
  • Seminars - Seminars for mentors
  • Sparring - Programming practice