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Delivering digital services

Services are how organisations meet user needs, when these are provided digitally, such as via mobile or web, we increase the number of people with access to these services.

User-centred design and technology

Focusing on user needs ensures that useful software is delivered, maximising outcomes.

Product, design and technology

Bringing together product, design and technology ensures that digital services are viable, desirable and feasible.

Continuous discovery and development

Design and research continually informs the way digital services are built, ensuring current user needs are met.

Reliable and maintainable services

Digital services must continue to be invested in to meet changing needs.

Culmination of disciplines

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Delivery as a discipline is used to deliver outcomes while considering the wellbeing and organisation of the team.

To ensure the needs of users are met, continuous delivery is used. Continuous delivery is a practice used to provide value as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Product is used to identify and prioritise needs as well as opportunities. In addition, product also aligns teams around outcomes.

It is crucial that teams are aware of context and vision of the product in order to meet user needs. This will empower teams to maximise outcomes and impact.

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Design is framing the problem in order to understand user needs and existing/new digital services. User research is conducted to validate digital services to meet user needs.

Digital services must be designed with users in mind alongside iterative user research, consistently testing designs using prototypes.

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Using technical approaches and architecture, technology is built to meet user needs. Digital service releases are incremental, maintainable and reliable.

Digital services are simple and meet user needs. Risk of change is reduced as digital services are reliable and scalable.

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