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Mumbling Kata

The goal of this kata is to implement the mumble_letters() method which takes a string as input and returns a formatted output string. The output string contains sequences of repeating letters with each letter repeated a number of times based on its position in the input string i.e. the 3rd letter in the string is repeated 3 times. Each sequence of repeated letters is separated with a hyphen(-) and the first letter of each sequence is capitalised.

The following examples illustrate the mumble_letters() method:

=> "A"

=> "A-Bb-Ccc"

=> "A-Bb-Ccc-Dddd"

=> "Q-Ww-Eee-Rrrr-Ttttt-Yyyyyy"


Note that your mumble_letters() implementation should also handle an empty string input appropriately.


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