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A good software architecture keeps options open, allows you to defer decisions about tools and frameworks, and keep the cost of change low.

We have a work in progress learning guide on Clean Architecture.

Learn Tech

Learn Tech is a good opportunity to learn software architecture by practicing alongside a mentor.

There are videos on this topic

There are books on this topic

  • Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided By Tests (Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce)
  • Domain Driven Design (Eric Evans)
  • Object Oriented Software Engineering: A Use Case Driven Approach (Ivar Jacobson)
  • Clean Architecture (Robert C. Martin)
  • Clean Code (Robert C. Martin)
  • Refactoring (Martin Fowler)
  • Working Effectively with Legacy Code (Michael C. Feathers)
  • Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby (Sandi Metz)

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