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Demonstrating the Discipline

An Engineer with this core skill must be able to demonstrate the ability to follow this discipline religiously.

Test-Driven Development is defined as a discipline with three rules:

  1. You MUST write a failing test before you write any production code.
  2. You MUST not write more of a test than is sufficient to fail, or fail to compile.
  3. You MUST not write more production code than is sufficient to make the currently failing test pass.

Reading material

Red-Green-Refactor definition, explanation; The Art of Agile - James Shore Code wars - Library of programming exercises Transformation Priority Premise

Marking Scheme

  • Writes a failing test before writing production code
  • Watches the failing test fail for right reason before writing production code
  • Writes only the minimum production code for a test to pass
  • Watches the passing test pass before moving onto refactoring
  • Refactors tests
  • Refactors production code